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Give your child the power to achieve maximum!

Let AI train your child through Endless Practice, Adaptive Assessment and Learning

Approach & Methodology

Why is Asli Master the right platform for your child?

75% of preparation is practice and tests

Students spend more than half of their time practicing outside the classroom. However the difference between the rank achieved and that missed is the way they practice. 

Every child is unique

Our AI technology personalises the learning experience of each student by adapting learning and questions to their progress unlike conventional methods.

Our topic based question bank

Our question bank is divided into topics. As students practice questions, they get an instant feedback on their progress on that specifice topic.

What else do you want?

A complete package for your child's learning and exam preparation







Why choose Asli Master?

If Time is money then why are you spending money to waste your money 


➤ Have you been searching volumes of books for exam relevant questions?
➤ Have you been making a redundant effort trying to count correct and incorrect questions?
➤ Have you been trying to mug up the facts and figures while the success in the test is purely based on practice with the MCQs?
➤ Have you been wasting your parents’ hard-earned money on short term preparatory lessons for topics you have already covered at school?
➤ Have you been stuck in a classroom where hundreds sit to a room and the teacher hardly knows about your existence?
➤ Have you been wasting your most precious time traveling to your academy every day when it is not even worth it?


✔ Sharpen your problem solving skills with over 7.0 lac plus questions.
✔ Get explanation to wrong answers instantly along with the links to study material.
✔ Practice unlimited mock tests to help build the right temperament for your examination.
✔ Brush up your contents with the help of Mind maps, Flashcards, Concept sheets and Lectures available at our site.
✔ Get personalized detailed report to measure your progress, know your weaker areas, and manually adjust the difficulty level for yourself.
✔ Pay less than for a smart phone to get an access to excellent studying material and practice tests.

We address your concerns!

Will Asli Master interfere coaching and preparation classes of my child?

Asli Master is a supplement to classroom learning. Practice is a pre-requisite for excellence in competitive exams. You will need to constantly practice questions and track progress. Asli Master empowers you to do this and much more by yourself. You need not be enrolled in a coaching class to gain from Asli Master nor will Asli Master interfere with coaching class schedule.

My child has already joined many test sessions. Why is Asli Master required?

Unlike at the coaching centers, Asli Master offers a highly personalized experience according to each individual’s level of preparation by help of CAT and the AMAI® our proprietary Artificial Intelligence system. Additionally, Asli Master is used by a large student community with whom your child can compare him/herself, discuss his problems with subject experts and get feedback anytime anywhere.

My child hasn’t joined a coaching class. Will Asli Master still be useful?

Practice is a pre-requisite for excellence in competitive exams. Your child will need to constantly practice questions and track his progress. Asli Master empowers students to do this and much more by themselves. Students need not to be enrolled in a coaching class to gain from Asli Master.

I have already purchased a lot of books for my child. Why should I now purchase Asli Master package?

Books are great to learn theory and concepts but it is also very important for your child to supplement his/her preparation with practice. Asli Master offers a large question bank for your child. So read the books but hit Asli Master to make the most of your exam preparation.

How will I know the progress of my child?

Asli Master generates extensive reports containing feedback and analysis for each test.You may know the strongest and weakest subject and topics of your child. Performance and activity logs of your child will be reported to you by daily sms or email.

I don't have enough native education to evaluate quality of education and preparations of my child. Can Asli Master help? 

Let's say your child claims that he is ready for Animal Cell topic test, take his mock test of the same topic by Asli Master and know his actual status. Easy color language is used to tell you the progress of your child.

Single account can be used by my two kids of the same class and subjects?

AI, Adpative Assessment and Adaptive Learning systems are just like three senior teachers dedicated to analyze, track, predict, recommend and to train of an individual from day start to end. All of our Edu Techs will be failed if two persons will use the same account. All progress and performance analysis will be wrong and your hard earned money will be wasted even you can not track the progress and activity of your kids indiviually.

Is there any discount for siblings? 

Yes. there are very handsome sibling discounts. For first 25% and then 50% for all next siblings. You have to apply for discounts with parental proof of all kids. Account Manager will review and then offer you discount.


Asli Master pilot project launched offline in the mid of July, 2014


"The biology section of Asli Master is so vast that I took it as a challenge to watch all tutorials and practice MCQs from each and every topic. However I ended up using the study material only for the topics that I had not covered very well at school because of the limited time I had. They helped me immensely and as a result I was able to get a perfect score in Biology."

Bisma Raheem
2nd Year - MBBS


" This girl in my class who was exceptionally good at Biology and would sometimes present with a challenge because of her incessant questioning came to me and introduced Asli Master to me. She’s been part of the Asli Master team and she wanted me to review the science section for the site. I was amazed at the phenomenal question bank and the amazing study material they had collected. As an A’level biology teacher I have always been recommending the use of internet to look up everything related to what the students cover at school. A platform like Asli Master has it all for you at one place."

Dr. Nasir Qureshi


"I, coming from a lowly educated background, always wanted to keep a check on my son’s progress and therefore had to visit his college very often. When I purchased the membership of Asli Master for my son, I was explained how it was still possible to keep track of my son’s progress. I only had to check to the Master Prep Meter and keep pushing my son to do better."

Mrs. Sana Khaliq

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