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"You people are right, I lost lot of my time just to learn theory even you have told me otherwise I could be the first in my MCAT just by using your system, Anyway thank you so much"

Farhan Aslam
2nd Year - MBBS


"How you established such a huge question bank, I am really surprised. Now everyday my students face a very tough questions and I know thsese questions will improve their skills to get higher score in their entry test exam"

Ashraf Choudhry


"Although I am banker with pure accounting back ground but I can check, How my Son is doing in MCAT preparation classes in his academy, I can evaluate both of them just by your program. Thank you dear"

Ahmad Hassan

"Asli Master seemed to be by far the best option: a program I could use whenever I liked, following my own schedule."

Kinza Rehman

"AI, Adaptive Learning and Assessment are unique and a refreshing change from the commonplace prep tools."

Dr. Sarfraz Alam

"There is great customer care behind Asli Master."

Mrs. Zaidi

"It's very rare to come across an excellent product combined with excellent support and that is exactly what I think about Asli Master."

1st Year - Civil Engineer

"Asli Master helped my students to understand the format of the test and prepare better for the test in a phenomenal way that they can predict many type of question in advance. Therefore, reduce the chance to be panic greatly."

Madam Seemi Rehman

"My children gained a sense of timing and learned when she needed to move on from a question...This software gave them confidence.”

Dr. Tariq

"You can log in anytime, anywhere, and use it it's like having a personal tutor at home, without going out and looking for one."

Farheen Hussein
1st Year - MBBS

"Asli Master provides excellent practice material with broad-covering explanation of the answer-choosing process."

Amir Mahmood
MCAT Trainer

"Asli Master taught my son all the math concepts that he had forgotten, He could not have done it without Asli Master! The lessons are all super relevant to the test, and the practice problems are so helpful! Amazing!"

Yawar Khan

"Great description of GAT logic and questions structure helped me better understand the way I should look for the right answer and cross out the wrong ones."

Majid Mustafa
A-Level Student

" When I first heard about Asli Master, I should admit I was really impressed by the idea. Then I got in touch with them, witnessed all the claims made by the creators as true and I have been talking about this website with my students ever since. "

Dawood Ahmad

“It was very helpful. My daughter failed MCAT before, but with Asli Master she made it. Useful explanations, clear information, a lot of questions"

Mrs. Ayesha Amjad

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