Asli Master, a tribute to the honorable teachers! 

From being my mentor to my inspiration and beyond.

What is Asli Master? 

Asli Master, in its most literal sense, is unlike any other educational website that has ever been created to facilitate learning. While a number of sites might be able to offer most of the features of Asli Master collaboratively, it is only Asli Master that provides everything essential to prepare a child all under one roof. There had been a certain motive behind naming it Asli Master. We, the creators, believe that this site has all the characteristics of a flawless teacher. It has the ability to retain and recall how you performed in a particular class test just like a devoted teacher would be able to. It provides you with the best study material just like an efficient teacher would struggle to inculcate as much knowledge in you as possible. Hence it is a cordial effort to value all such teachers and help all the students out there through this innovative platform.

Why is Asli Master essential for you? 

In this ever so competitive world, we see children struggling more and more everyday in order to ace the entrance tests and regular exams and make it to their dream universities and positions. For this they not only need to know the theory well but also have a solid grip over handling of MCQs because that is what the whole test is comprised of. We here at Asli Master have tried our best to include the most valuable study material with a plethora of practice questions from every single topic at our site. Asli Master is powered by AI, Adpative Assessment and Adaptive Learning type advanced Edu Techs to teach and train the child while reporting you daily. 

Whose brainchild is Asli Master? 

Asli Master was founded by an Information technologist who has a massive 21 years experience including working with World Bank, DFID UK Aid, Asian Development Bank, IDB's projects. He is also working in corporate training as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Project Management Professional.

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